Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten Cups of Good Cheer

Here are ten things filling me with happiness today:

1-No church today. Not that I’m opposed to going to church but every once in a while church being canceled feels like playing hooky when I get to trade high heels for fuzzy socks (and hear Adam ask how many Muppets had to die so I could have my socks…don’t tell PETA).

2-Joyous Adam in the snow. He complains about always missing out on the big storms. Not this time.

I can't explain the shoveling snow in a t-shirt.

3-A bird found shelter on our front porch last night.

4-Lumi joined the family. The kids found him last night next to one of Adam’s snowball luminaries. Emma promptly named him Luminary. Braeden protested. Adam intervened with Lumi—which is one of the many words for snow in Finland.

5- Christmas music and hot chocolate with candy canes.

6- Janet and I bought each other the exact same Christmas present…The Mother in Me. We even bought the books for each other on the exact same day from the exact same place…Deseret Book on the day the proceeds went to benefit Stephanie Nielson’s family.

7- Scented candles

8- New friends like Suzanne who asked for a “group picture” of our bears. For you Suzanne…anything.

We keep them under the tree in our living room. They rarely stay there. Mark plays with Conner or his “Buddy” (he’s trying to stage a coup and rename him Buddy…it’s not working) and Braeden and Emma makes up complicated scenarios with King Stewart and his subjects.

9- The excitement in the air surrounding Christmas. It really is fabulous to be woken up by a 6 year old pouncing you like a puppy and announcing how many more days until Christmas. At least he didn’t lick my face.

10- The sweet peaceful glimpses when Christmas hits me all at once (and spills out of my eyes) and I remember the miracle of our Savior’s birth, His life and His Atonement and all that means in my life.


Olivia Cobian said...

Cheers! I'll drink to all ten!

Suzanne said...

You're the best. That's just what I wanted to see. Boy,and even a quick turn-around. Love ya a hundred times over Thelma!

Suzanne said...

Do you need to know I came back and read your sweet post again? Oh daRn it, I'm revealing my nerdiness again.

PS. Did you notice that if you don't capitalize the R in Darn it, it looks all too close to it's swear word roots? I digress.

mdjohnson said...

I finally (with Clarissa's help) figured out how to leave comments. How I love your blog. I don't spend a lot of time reading blogs but yours is so great and I do love it and you.


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