Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mark at 6

Mark's celebratory pancake breakfast

Mark at 6 years old:

Favorite food: cheese

What he wants to be when he grows up: (and I quote) A guy who looks for gold

Favorite candy: lollipop

His default clothing item: a plain white t-shirt--I'm constantly telling him to change if we are leaving the house because his plain white t-shirt is always filthy.

Something that sets him apart from most 6 year olds: he keeps a shoe horn hanging by the door and uses it every time he puts on any shoe except sandals. (He got it from his Grandpa Linn.)

He spends his days simultaneously doing at least two of the following three things:

1- singing
2- talking
3- moving

The only time he holds still: when he's


He wanted to celebrate at McDonald's. We invited along his friend Gavin who was cut out of the same cloth as Mark--cut out with the same cookie cutter.

no one gets hot and sweaty at McDonald's like Mark

I flexed my (untalented) cake decorating muscles and made a Lego cake in honor of Mark's passion for the plastic little bricks. I know, I know. I shouldn't quit my day job and become a cake decorator. It doesn't help that it is a very non-Lego color, robin's egg blue. I can't bring myself to sully perfectly good butter cream frosting with too much food dye though.

Mark's not exactly sure what it's supposed to be either.



Suzanne said...

I love the leggo cake. I think it's incredibly creative, Thelma.

Anna said...

At least Mark has down the future job thing! Ashers is similar, "A Money Finder". He thinks that will purchase him a nice fast car! Still working on reality with that one.

Happy Belated Birthday Mark!


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